E. Supp. 2017

Unsafe Harbor: The European Union’s Demand for Heightened Data Privacy Standards in Schrems v. Irish Data Protection Commissioner

In 1995, the European Union adopted the Data Protection Directive to govern the processing, use, and exchange of personal data. The United States refused to enact similar legislation, consequently jeopardizing ongoing and future data transfers with the European Union. To prevent economic catastrophe, the United States negotiated with the European Union to reach the Safe […]

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Prioritizing National Security at the Expense of Refugee Rights: The Effects of H.T. v. Land Baden-Württenberg

Tensions are high in member states of the European Union as they struggle to accommodate a record number of refugees while simultaneously confronting seemingly regular terrorist attacks. In response to this crisis, the European Court of Justice’s decision in H.T. v. Land Baden-Württenberg continued a trend that began after September 11, 2001, in which countries […]

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O’Keeffe v. Ireland: The State’s Obligation to Protect Children from Sexual Assault in State Schools

Ireland’s unique primary education system creates a national school system that is denominational, yet state-financed. The Irish government defers managerial duties to the Catholic Church, and this deference of duties relieves Ireland from liability. As a result, students in Ireland attending primary schools historically were not guaranteed legal protection from sexual assaults committed by faculty […]

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