Vol. XXXIX No. 1

International Water Rights on the White Nile of the New State of South Sudan

Abstract: The birth of South Sudan falls directly in the demarcation zone of the rivalry between downstream and upstream riparian states on the waters of the Nile River. The downstream states—Egypt and Sudan—stress their “natural and historic” rights to the entire flow of the Nile based on the 1959 Nile Agreement and older colonial treaties, […]

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Human Rights and the National Interest: The Case Study of Asylum, Migration, and National Border Protection

Abstract: Since World War II, Australia has been the destination of hundreds of thousands of migrants from countries all over the world. Throughout this time, the government has engaged in different policies of border monitoring, protection, and enforcement. This Essay contends that the government should not waiver in its enforcement of its border, and it […]

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International Legal Protections for Migrants and Refugees: A Response to Father Brennan

Abstract: Father Brennan’s Essay, “Human Rights and the National Interest: The Case Study of Asylum, Migration, and National Border Protection,” is a complex legal and ethical analysis of refugee law. This Commentary focuses on one aspect of the international law relevant to the Essay, namely, state obligations to migrants. Father Brennan’s main argument that migrants […]

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A Combative Disease: The Ebola Epidemic in International Law

Abstract: In early 2014, a devastating epidemic of Ebola broke out across Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, which then spread to other countries and led to the deaths of more than 11,000 people. In response, the affected countries declared states of emergency, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the epidemic to be a public health […]

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Up in the Air: Harmonizing the Sharing Economy Through Airbnb Regulations

Abstract: The practice of opening up one’s home to accommodate strangers is not new, but it has been revitalized and expanded through the sharing economy and—in particular—through the technology-based platform Airbnb. Despite marketing itself as a tool to connect people across the world, Airbnb has distanced itself from responsibility to its users and the communities […]

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The Efficacy and Impact of Interim Measures: Ukraine’s Inter-State Application Against Russia

Abstract: In 2013, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych rejected an international agreement that had been formulated to strengthen political and economic ties between Ukraine and the European Union. A sharp divide between pro-Western and pro-Russian groups arose, and a pattern of protests and violence broke out in Kiev, spreading to the east and resulting in—among other […]

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The Zeitgeist of Secession Amidst the March Towards Unification: Scotland, Catalonia, and the Future of the European Union

Abstract: Europe is in the midst of a period of unprecedented change. The European Union is undergoing great unification and centralization of power, and some believe that a “European” identity is subsuming the traditional national identity of Member States. Contributing factors to this remarkable phenomenon include the emergence of viable supranational frameworks, economic recession, technological […]

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