Vol. XL No. 2


Since 1977, the International and Comparative Law Review has served as a forum for innovative and stimulating legal discussion at Boston College Law School. Generations of students have dedicated themselves to writing and publishing timely, thought-provoking pieces of scholarship that transcend national borders and contribute to the significant discourse on international law.

The Review’s scope is expansive and covers complex legal issues such as human rights, cross-border disputes, arms control, international investment, and terrorism. This year alone, the Review has published scholarship on the legality of drone warfare, the exploitation of the current refugee crisis by crime syndicates, the threat ISIS fighters pose to modern journalists, and the growing need to hold international corporations accountable in the wake of globalization. Given the increasing interconnectedness of the modern world, comparative legal studies and scholarship on international law are critical now more than ever.

Although Volume XL represents the end of the Review’s forty-year history, we trust that our dedication to global law and policy will be honored by the newly consolidated flagship journal in the years to come.